Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Off the Wagon

Here I am, posting the obvious.  That I have not merely slipped, but tumbled off the photo-a-day wagon. I'm shooting some, because after all, it is midsummer. No shortage of growing-like-weeds boys, blooming perennials, garden produce and green-verged rivers.

But I am not shooting and posting with the attention to glimpses of life I'd imagined. With the intention, whispered under the shutter-click, of capture, capture, capture.

So I'm stopping. There are lots of excuses, lots of new learning curves going on around here camera-wise and computer-wise. Lots of competitors for my creative energy. (Always the pull of beauty-making, word-wrangling, stitching and listening and looking.)

But the bottom line is that I bit off more than I could chew. I began in a burst of surety, already seeing the lovely photo-book I'd hand my family when the project was complete, its pages lit with the ordinary splendor of our family life this summer. And as is my tendency (my IRL friends are getting a good-natured chuckle here) I began to criticize myself when it became clear it just is not happening.

But how about this? How about I turn off the noise of all that criticism? How about I go back to posting here when an image speaks to me, or write down a few words when they tap me on the shoulder to be spoken aloud? How about I climb these learning curves around here in the hope that those offerings will deepen?

How about the next time I try a photo a day, I choose a shorter time frame?

If there is one thing I want the art I make to communicate, it is grace. How can it do that if in the very making I don't experience generosity and good will?

More soon, from this work in progress.. .

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  1. yes, grace to you...just enjoy your journey the way it is with spontaneity and freedom!!